Terms and Conditions

Last updated: May 2018

All our products and items are subject to the terms and conditions listed on this page by Royal Vegas Jewelry

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All our products and items are subject to the terms and conditions listed on this page by Royal Vegas Jewelry.

It is highly advisable that you read the information listed below before doing businesses with us as it will help clear any confusions that you may have.

Product Return Policy

All our jewelry are guaranteed to be made of genuine and high quality materials. However, it is the responsibility of each and every customer to be thorough on its inspection as we have a zero return policy on product returns and refunds. Be sure to ask everything that you need from our store clerks prior to buying our items.

Product Charges

Prices are not listed on the website as the cost of our products are determined by a number of elements, from the materials themselves to their dimensions. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or contact us via our hotline.

Customer Etiquette

In the interest of preventing any potential issues from arising, we do not allow the use of electronic devices or firearms within the premises. Smoking is also not allowed, but we do however have designated areas outside where you can smoke. Abusive behavior towards the guests and employees of the Royal Vegas Jewelry will also not be tolerated. Failure in compliance will result to legal action.


We expect all of our employees to act according to the standards set upon by the Royal Vegas Jewelry. The management reserves the right to terminate any employee without prior notice for non-compliance of our rules and regulations.

Discounts and Promotions

All of our discounts and promotions are subject to change and may be modified based on what the business needs. Please visit our website regularly to ensure that you updated.